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ವಿಶೇಷ (ಉಳಿಕೆ ಮಜಲು ವಾಹನ)

Procedure and requirement for Special Permit

  1. Every application shall be made to the Regional Transport Authority {RTA} or State Transport Authority {STA} of the region in which it is proposed to use the vehicle.
  2. Application in form no KMV 40
  3. Permit Fee Grant – Stage Carriage -100, Contract Carriage – 100, Tourist Vehicle – 100, Maxi Cab – 100, Motor Cab Rs 100/- for each calendar month or part thereof : -
  4. Endorsement fee Rs 100/- 
  5. R C Book (RC Smart Card), Valid insurance, Valid Fitness Certificate, Valid Emission tested Certificate, Valid Tax Paid receipt for which temporary permit required 
  6. Application shall contain the following particulars namely :
    • The area for which the permit required 
    • Type and capacity of the vehicle
    • Name of the passengers
    • Address of the passengers 
    • Age of the passengers
    • Starting point and the point of destination.

After receipt of an application Authority will scrutinize the application concern secretary will grant and issue the Temporary Permit KMV Form 48 under the delegation power given by the RTA /STA under rule 55 of the KMV Rule and rule 56 of KMV.

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